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"Nature and Nurture (diptych)", oil on canvas, $5500 CAD (no tax)
These paintings will be sold as a pair. “Nature” (left) is 36” x 36” and “Nurture” (right) is 24” x 24”. The pair measures approximately 68” wide when displayed side by side.

"Blindfold III (The Kiss)", oil on canvas, 46" x 46", $5000 CAD (no tax)

"Hung", Oil on canvas, 48" x 48", $5000 CAD (no tax)

(Untitled), 6" x 8", oil on panel, $200 CAD (No tax)

"Solus III", oil on canvas, 48" x 60", $4000 CAD (no tax)

"Solus II", oil on linen, 36" x 48", $1200 CAD (no tax)

"Solus I", oil on linen, 36" x 48", $1200 CAD (no tax)
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